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M. M. Thapar It was the year of 1971 that the foundations of JCT Football Team were laid. Those were years of great hope as the young nation consolidated its democratic traditions and focused on nation building. With a value system that encouraged education over sports as a career, we at JCT recognized that sports too needed its due encouragement if we have to develop a well balanced society.

Great encouragement was given to local players at the grass roots level to develop and enhance their skills. This new found and well developed talent saw the JCT Football Team gain immediate national success.

The Inaugural National Football League (1996), Durand Cup (5 years), Federation Cup (95 & 96) IFA Shield (96) and many other national tournaments were won and added to the growing reputation of the team. The good work of the team continues even today and as a result JCT Football team is currently ranked third in the Indian Professional National Football League (I – League 2007-2008) and were runners up of the National Football League in 2006-07.

We intend to continue our pioneering sports efforts across grass root levels. As India grows to take its rightful place as the nation of the future, sports will add to its stature and glory.

I wish success to all those associated with JCT’s endeavours in the field of sports and continue to urge those who love sports to come forward and contribute to this national movement.

Best wishes

M. M. Thapar