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Date of Birth : 12/12/1970
Nationality : Indian

- Amity United Football Club
- All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi
- Hindustan Football club, Delhi
- Amar Jyoti Rehabilitation Centre, Delhi
- D.A.V College of physiotherapy, Jalandhar
International Worked along with the Indian national football team during the SAFF tournament 2005 and during Asia Cup qualifying matches 2005-2006.

Worked as part of the sports medicine team at various international tournaments like U-17 Asia cup qualifying, Indra Gandhi international hockey tournament.
National Physiotherapist for Delhi and Haryana Football teams at 2004 and 2006 Santosh trophy tournaments respectively.

Working as physiotherapist for the JCT Club for past three seasons.

Provided medical cover as part of the arena sports medicine team at various state and national level football tournaments.
Injury prevention
Prevent overuse injuries, having a biomechanical insight in the development of overuse injury considering muscle extensibility and strength.
Prevention of re injury to the same part by assessing the optimum level of fitness before return to competitive sports.
Use of orthotic supports and taping techniques to prevent injuries.
Acute intervention
Communication with other medical team members to identify and establish different responsibilities and lines of communication in case of acute injury.
Recognition of signs and symptoms of acute injury.
Deciding upon the severity and diagnosis of the injury and provide immediate acute care.
Analysis of the injury and underlying process.
Selection and application of appropriate assessment of athlete’s performance capacity.
Design and implementation of appropriate rehabilitation program.
Multidisciplinary communication for better outcome of the rehab program.
Communication with the clubs and other local authorities considering implementation of the rehab program.
Consideration of the psychological stress on the athlete due to injury and inability to play.
Enhance performance
Hydration and nutritional aspects.
- Environment and equipment issues.
- Profiling athlete’s current and potential performance.
- Master of Physiotherapy (sports medicine) 2004 Hamdard University.
- Bachelor of Physiotherapy 1998 National Institute of rehabilitation.
- Knee joint injuries in football (traumatic and overuse)
- Athletic taping and bracing
- Anthropometry in sports conducted by Sports Sciences Centre, Sports Authority of India, J. Nehru Stadium, New Delhi.
- Seminar on laser Therapy at Kanishka hotel, New Delhi.
- ‘Spinal and Peripheral Joint Mobilization’ by A G Dhandapani at Amar Jyoti Physiotherapy college.
- Sports therapy workshop at Amar Jyoti Rehabilitation Centre.
- Seminar on shoulder problems by Ajay Middha at Amar Jyoti Rehabilitation Centre, Delhi.
- Manual Therapy in low back pain at Indian Spinal Injury Centre, Vasant Kunj, Delhi.
- Conducted seminars on cryotherapy/ applied biomechanics of high jump/ plyometric exercises and isokinetics